Masri warns Israel of repercussions of waging new war on Gaza

[ 26/12/2010 – 03:19 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Spokesman for Hamas parliamentary bloc MP Mushir Al-Masri warned Israel of the consequences of any new military aggression against the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Palestinian resistance is much stronger than before and ready to defend its people.

In a press release, MP Masri said that the declared Israeli intents to wage a new war on Gaza are aimed at dissuading the Palestinian resistance from adhering to the national constants and forcing it to accept the surrender terms.

“The [Zionist] enemy is the only one that will suffer the serious repercussions of any military escalation, and the enemy realizes that invading Gaza is no picnic, so it has to think carefully before invading Gaza because the resistance is able to confront any aggression,” the lawmaker highlighted.

He also expressed his dismay at the coherence between the declared goals of the Israeli occupation and Fatah leaders and their threats to eliminate Hamas, citing as an example the recent remarks made by Fatah official Azzam Al-Ahmed who said the Palestinian authority in Ramallah would not leave Gaza mutinous after the reconciliation talks failed.

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Masri warns Israel of repercussions of waging new war on Gaza.

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