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Palestinians rally to mark 2nd anniversary of Israeli invasion of Gaza
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Jerusalemites injured in confrontations in Silwan


Israel to boycott 2011 UN summit on racism


The Siege of Gaza – The Last remaining Siege in the World


Photoblog – Child arrested for throwing stones in East Jerusalem


Palestinian girl hit by Israeli Police car during Silwan clashes


HaShoah vs Al Nakba « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |


الذكرى السنوية الاولى للهلوكوست في غزة




Resistance to free Palestine: Poll


Gaza Interior Ministry: Mavi Marmara is a symbol of freedom


Britons protest Israel attack on Gaza


Activism roundup: world to commemorate Gaza massacre anniversary


Israel Tries to Dissuade Chile a Mexico Not to Recognize Palestine


Ramallah militias detain 11 Hamas supporters


Resistance factions declare readiness to repel any aggression against Gaza


Israel: Army prepared for any scenario in south


Palestinians claim Jesus as first martyr of Palestine


Hammad: We managed to rebuild 50 percent of the bombed security facilities


Tensions high with heavy police presence in Silwan spring


Assaulted brothers released by Israeli court


Activism roundup: world to commemorate Gaza massacre anniversary


Palestine Somoud: Arab Voices of Resistance War » Abu Yazan – The 27th of December, a day I will never forget


Palestine Think Tank: Abu Yazan – The 27th of December, a day I will never forget


Right wing MK visit sparks Silwan clashes


Wading in Death and Blood in Gaza


Two years after Gaza massacre, a demand for justice


Settlers torch fields near Nablus « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |


The Day Even The Newsreader of Al Jazeera Cried | Jan 7, 2009 « VIDEO


Israeli activist imprisoned for demonstration against Gaza blockade | World news | The Guardian


Doctor Mads Gilbert Decries Israeli Attacks « VIDEO


Gaza | Operation Cast Lead | Part II


PULSE: Remembering Cast Lead and Israeli PR Equations


Gazan 5 month baby ran over by satanic Israeli driving a 70 ton tank!!!


Anger over ex-Israeli soldier’s Facebook photos of Palestinian prisoners | World news | The Guardian


Peace, even in Palestine


Nowhere to run for those trapped in Gaza « Never Cast Lead Again


B’Tselem: Jerusalemite children tortured by Israeli interrogators « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |.


Gazan father mourns death of baby « Never Cast Lead Again


Supporters of Palestine


Scenes from the Gaza Strip


TJP Liberty Report from Gaza “Anniversary of Cast Lead” [HQ]


A Full Hour of Coverage and Analysis on Gaza. Democracy Now 12/29/08 (5 Parts) « Never Cast Lead Aga


ei: “The amount of death and destruction is inconceivable” « Never Cast Lead Again


What rough beast slouches towards East Jerusalem?


Arab League chief: Top priority next year is Palestine


KABOBfest: The Zionist Adventure (Part 3)






Occupation 101


Rights group: two years after Gaza war, Israel not held accountable


Japan Extends $12 Million in Aid to Palestinian Authority


Gaza faced with growing health crisis


Israeli activist to judge: “I won’t ask for leniency or express remorse”


Ashkenazi: We will not accept rocket fire from Gaza


Hamas calls for prosecuting traitors for betraying their people


The ongoing Gaza Massacre


Week of international solidarity actions in the West Bank is one sign ‘things are coming to a head’ |WITH VIDEO


Israeli Army: An “Army of the People?” – Part 1–part-1


“Nothing has changed! Gaza has returned to its pre-invasion state of siege” | Gaza: Two Years after the Horror | #Gaza2


Following ban, Islamic leader visits Jerusalem


Israeli activist sentenced to 3 months in prison for protesting Gaza war


Gaza Two Years Later: A little girl – and As the bombs fell, I read Darwish by candlelight –


Rallies in Gaza mark war anniversary


After two years, war looming in Gaza


a picture from outside the Israeli embassy in London #Gaza #Gaza2 صورة من الاعتصام خارج سفارة اسرائيل في لندن…


Hamas Condemns Canada’s Biased Stance against Palestine


Israel minister who promised Gaza “greater Shoah” now says it’s a “troublesome abscess” (imagine that were said of Jews)


Turkish workers may lose jobs in Israel


Egypt builds watchtowers along Gaza border


Barak: No guarantee Gaza situation will not deteriorate


Youth arrested in massive dawn raid on Silwan


People’s Party calls for legal action against those who voiced exile threats


Fatah urges Hamas to reconcile, avoid Gaza another Israeli war


Hamas: Deportation threats pave the way for liquidating Palestine cause


What to do about Gaza…

The Gaza massacre and the struggle for justice


Medical neglect at Ha Likdar prison endangering lives of detainees


Haneyya: Israel looking to justify aggression on the Palestinians


Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen


Gaza: MOH warns of the shortage of medical supplies


Groundbreaking report details Israel’s inhumane conditions for isolated prisoners


Sheikh Salah calls on Jerusalemite deputies threatened with deportation


IOF troops violently quell march, break hand of Palestinian youth


World inches closer to recognizing ‘Palestine






60 immigrants claiming to be from Gaza reach Italy – Monsters and


To shoot An Elephant


Encyclopedia of the Gaza Holocaust


QNA | News | KRC Report on Palestinian Prisoners


Events – Vigil outside the Israeli embassy in London to mark the second anniversary of the start of…


‘People should stand up for Palestine’


Some still remember Gaza



Two years after war, Gaza border tensions flare,_Gaza_border_tensions_flare


Silwan: Toddler hit by police car during clashes


Vilnai: Nothing will move forward until Gaza realizes what must be done,7340,L-4004982,00.html


Palestinian group launches Gaza Holocaust website


Palestinians mark 2nd Gaza war anniv.


The Western Powers’ Effect On Israel-Palestine Relations


The Darkness to Expel


How the onslaught began


Soldiers named in ‘Gaza holocaust’ site,7340,L-4004870,00.html


Israeli soldiers kill two gunmen on Gaza border – The Irish Times – Mon, Dec 27, 2010


Jordan sends aid convoy to Gaza Strip – People’s Daily


Fear and unrest in Silwan as soldiers surround village






Palestine Video: Besieged Gaza grapples with healthcare woes


Palestine Video: Palestinians and International Activists Demo at Qalandia Checkpoint


Window Into Palestine: West is experiencing serious problems in the area of morality and community


Window Into Palestine: Did you know Santa is anti-apartheid?


Maysaloon – ميسلون: The Halal Meat Industry – a useless and illogical fad


Rough Moleskin: GAZA: DUE ANNI DOPO L’ORRORE ( di Haidar Eid )


Window Into Palestine: Support the Israeli-Palestinian Refuser Movements!

Palestinian Youth Assaulted Near Nablus For Not Understanding Hebrew


Israel, briefly a victim of fire, is a fire-starter


Israel, U.S. responsible for blocking Gaza reconstruction


Settlers’ noise


Aterit Cohanim to drop case for Abu Nab eviction « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem


Arrests Six Palestinians were arrested in Silwan today, the majority of which were under the age of 18. Details to follow


Arab League Denounces Israeli Threats To Gaza


Adnan Ghaith files new order against banishment order


Mavi Marmara returns to Istanbul amid increasing tension between Palestinians and Israelis


Drums of war still beating in Gaza


Israel ups military attacks on Gaza


Detention of assaulted Palestinians extended


Violent clashes in Baten al-Hawa



Gaza celebrates mass wedding


Palestine Video: Israeli Soldier Testimony: Collective Punishment Taking Over Palestinian Home – South Hebron Hills #6


Palestine Video: Israeli Soldier Recounts Military Order to Assassinate 12 Year Old Palestinian


Palestine Video: Israeli Soldier Recounts Jewish Only Road – South Hebron Hills




Checkpoint | Documentary (8 Parts)


Palestinian children ride obstacle course to school


Israel, Hamas turn up rhetoric on Gaza war anniversary


Pro-Palestinian rally marks anniversary of Israeli raids


Jewish settlers seize Palestinian Land


Israel’s Lieberman: PA illegitimate


Peace with Palestine ‘impossible’: Israeli Foreign Minister


Violent confrontation at Nablus checkpoint


First ever encyclopedia documenting the Gaza war released Sunday


Hamas: Israel on alert for Asia One aid ship


The Legacy of the Goldstone Report


Islamists deny arrival of Syrian, Iranian officials in Gaza


Flotilla: Gaza back in spotlight


Israel hints at launching new aggression on the Gaza Strip


Children of Gaza documentary (6 Parts) « Never Cast Lead Again


Derechos de todos: Mujica viajará a Medio Oriente y reconocerá Estado palestino



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