Hamas: Deportation threats pave the way for liquidating Palestine cause

[ 27/12/2010 – 11:34 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas movement said that it was seriously considering the Fatah-controlled militias’ threats to deport Hamas leaders and supporters outside their homeland.

The movement said in a press release on Monday that the threats were similar to those of the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

It charged that the threats were in blatant violation of the national, ethical, and humanitarian principles, adding that it was not acceptable that those apparatuses would turn into a tool in the hands of the IOA, which targets banishing national leaders to pave the way for liquidating the Palestine cause.

Hamas urged the Palestinian masses to display protest and anger over such “madness”, and to demand that all those who participate in such threats or try to implement them should be brought to account.

The movement described as “national betrayal” any attempt to exile national figures out of their homeland.

Hamas: Deportation threats pave the way for liquidating Palestine cause.

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