Hammad: We managed to rebuild 50 percent of the bombed security facilities

Hammad: We managed to rebuild 50 percent of the bombed security facilities
[ 27/12/2010 – 01:57 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian minister of interior Fathi Hammad said that his ministry was able to reconstruct about 50 percent of its security headquarters that were destroyed during the winter of 2008 and 2009.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Hammad added that the ministry also rebuilt its security manpower and recruited new men in place of those who were killed during the war.

The minister highlighted that his ministry worked over the past period on consolidating a clean and pure security creed among its cadres and managed to eliminate the lawlessness that prevailed during the rule of Fatah faction and to establish the principle of equality among the citizens.

He stressed that his ministry will enforce the death sentences issued by Palestinian courts against the informers who collaborated with the Israeli occupation during the war, and whose involvement in the Israeli killing of civilians and resistance fighters was proved in courts of law.

The minister noted that 90 percent of the Palestinian people, as shown by opinion polls, support the ministry’s intention to execute Israel’s spies.

The minister also pointed out that all the spies, who received death sentences, exercised their legal rights fully and were defended by lawyers.

In another context, Palestinian minister of health Basem Naim stated that the government in Gaza constructed medical facilities worth $11, 000, 000 during the last two years in the context of its endeavors to improve the health situation in the Strip despite all difficulties resulting from the Israeli blockade.

This came during an open meeting organized on Sunday by the labor unions in Rafah city.

Naim also pointed out to the modern medical appliances that the health ministry supplied Gaza hospitals with, adding that his ministry paid attention to the complaints filed by citizens with the Palestinian legislative council or through civil societies and officials, and dealt with them responsibly.

Hammad: We managed to rebuild 50 percent of the bombed security facilities.

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