Haneyya: Israel looking to justify aggression on the Palestinians

[ 27/12/2010 – 11:00 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haneyya told Al-Jazeera Sunday that Israel is resorting to incitement to justify to the world its use of tyrannical force on its rivals.He also asserted that it is the right of the resistance factions to own arms to defend the Palestinians.

Haneyya said Israel will launch a new war on the Gaza Strip in the near future.

“It doesn’t mean the enemy has renounced aggressive attentions against the Palestinians,” he said, adding that resistance forces in the strip are stronger than they were in the last war.

“What Hamas’s armed wing the Qassam Brigades announced in its press conference Saturday is evidence that Hamas has not renounced resistance fighting after entering the political arena.”

Haneyya accused a group from Fatah of working to get rid of its political partners in the Palestinian arena. “It’s a trend that hampers national reconciliation and ending division. If reined, reconciliation will be close.”

Evoking government amendments at this time is “a message to the Palestinian people, factions, and figures that Hamas is interested in political partnership and openness to others, and that it does not want to rule with exclusion.”

The PM reiterated that his movement is willing to accept a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders without compromising the rest of the Palestinian occupied territories. “Historic Palestine is the right of the Palestinians,” he said, assuring that the offer does not include recognizing Israel.

Haneyya hoped for stronger ties with Egypt, saying the relationship would be a mutual strategy and that ties with Iran are like its links with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt. Hamas is interested in openness to all, he said, adding that Iran has provided political, media, and financial support to the Palestinians.

Haneyya: Israel looking to justify aggression on the Palestinians.

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