Medical neglect at Ha Likdar prison endangering lives of detainees

[ 27/12/2010 – 11:20 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Mandela Foundation in Jerusalem is denouncing the Israeli prison system for medical neglect in the Ha Likdar prison, calling on relevant parties to intervene in saving the lives of the sick.

Riyadh Dakhlullah al-Amour, an 11-time life prisoner from Bethlehem’s Tekoa district, sustained two bullet wounds, one of the bullets removed from his body, and the other moving about at times, said foundation head Buthaina Duqmaq after visiting the prison and interviewing Amour.

Amour suffers a heart condition, Duqmaq added. He was fitted with a base maker when he was free. After being arrested, investigated, and taking a blow to the chest, the device suffered a gliche. It was later changed and placed on the other side of his chest.

“I feel today like I felt before the device was put in. Sometimes, my heart beat stops for half a minute or more. This requires attention from outside and an attempt to introduce a specialist. I also suffer from pain in the teeth,” Amour said.

Duqmaq expressed concern over the prison administration’s decision to end prisoner Emad Zu’rub’s hospital treatment and place him back in the Halikdar prison population before his recovery.

Zu’rub, also a life prisoner from Khan Younis who has been incarcerated since April 1993, suffers from cancer and more ailments and requires daily follow-up. His return to the prison is endangering to his life in light of his toppling medical condition.

Medical neglect at Ha Likdar prison endangering lives of detainees.

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