Resistance factions declare readiness to repel any aggression against Gaza

[ 27/12/2010 – 06:32 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The armed wings of the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza stated that the escalating Israeli military actions against the Gaza Strip only increase their strength and make them more willing to fight and capture Israeli soldiers.

“The Zionist threats to wage a new war on the Gaza Strip and the escalation of attacks on a daily basis send a message to the resistance and opposition factions that they should be fully ready to repel the aggression and afflict the enemy with heavy losses,” the armed wings said in a joint news conference held on Monday.

“Blood for blood, murder for murder and destruction for destruction,” the armed wings highlighted.

They also deplored the security militias of Fatah faction for threatening to exile national figures in the West Bank to other countries. “The political banishment is the policy of the occupation and we will confront those who use it exactly as we face the occupation.”

Resistance factions declare readiness to repel any aggression against Gaza.

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