Israel’s 2011 Defence Budget Increases by 25% to NIS 61 Billion

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 13:42 Alternative Information Center (AIC)

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Israel’s defence budget is set to grow from its 2010 level of NIS 49 billion to NIS 61 billion in 2011, an increase of almost 25%.


The growth results primarily from the transfer of a budget surplus from the Ministry of Housing to the Ministry of Defence.

Discussion of Israel’s defence budget, together with its approval, is conducted in a secret and separate committee which includes representatives of the Knesset Finance Committee, together with those from the ministries of foreign affairs and defence. Moreover, Israel’s Ministry of Defence enjoys greater freedom in its internal management vis-à-vis the Ministry of Finance and the Knesset than other government offices. For example, the Defence Ministry can change the earmarking of funds with no need for legislative approval.

Israel’s 2011 Defence Budget Increases by 25% to NIS 61 Billion.

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