OCHA Report: 54 Palestinians Driven from Homes Last Week

PNN – Palestine News Network – 28.12.10 – 11:07

Cairo – PNN – A report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Palestine revealed on Tuesday that Israeli authorities destroyed 16 Palestinian-owned buildings in East Jerusalem over the course of last week, driving 30 people out and 54 around the West Bank.


An aid truck enters the Gaza Strip (PNN Archive).

The cause of the demolitions was purported lack of license. Of the 30 people who were forced from East Jerusalem between December 15 and 21, 13 were children.

The report also claimed that Israeli authorities had destroyed 12 buildings, 8 residential camps, and a number of cattle sheds in Area C—which is under total Israeli civil and military control—resulting in the flight of 24 Palestinians.

According to the report, Israeli authorities issued expulsion orders for 12 residential camps and 15 cattle sheds in Tana village, in a “closed military zone” near Nablus. If the orders are carried, out the report said about 100 people will be affected.

Villagers in Doura al-Qara and Ayn Areeq near Ramallah resisted demolition orders for 29 buildings as well as stop-work orders on four cattle sheds and an electricity tower, the report said. Three Palestinians in al-Ras al-Ahmar village near Tubas in the north were detained for hours for intruding on a “closed military zone” on their way home.

In Kafr Qadoum village near Qalqiliya in the central West Bank, Israeli authorities erected a fence cutting farmers off from more than 1,200 dunums of their land (a dunum is about a quarter of an acre). The land in question fell near Kedumim settlement.

Concerning the Gaza blockade, OCHA reported that Israeli authorities let in 866 trucks between December 15 and 21, down from 937 the previous week, and still about a third of the trucks allowed into the coastal enclave before the beginning of the 2007 blockade. Only 44 trucks were allowed out, bearing strawberry and roses, despite recent Israeli announcements that it would ease export restrictions.

The OCHA report also said Gaza power cuts lasted for about 6 hours a day.

PNN – Palestine News Network – OCHA Report: 54 Palestinians Driven from Homes Last Week.

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