Vilnai: The situation on Gaza borders could explode any moment

[ 28/12/2010 – 04:44 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli deputy war minister Matan Vilnai said that the security situation on Gaza borders are fragile and explosive and called for getting ready to face any possible scenario.

During his tour to the Negev region, where some Palestinian homemade rockets landed recently in retaliation to Israeli deadly air strikes, Vilnai pledged that the Israeli government would continue to provide the Israeli settlements located along Gaza borders with all necessary support.

Many Israeli officials made war threats against Gaza which witnessed lately aerial and land attacks led to the death of civilians and resistance fighters. Israel always asks Hamas Movement to stop firing rockets on its territories, although it is the party that starts to escalate its military attacks against Gaza.

In another context, the network of NGOs in Gaza called for imposing sanctions on the Israeli government and pressuring it to end its unjust blockade immediately and to facilitate the movement of goods and individuals.

The network in a statement on Tuesday also demanded the international community to bring Israeli war criminals to justice for the crimes they committed against Gaza people during the last war on Gaza, and called for activating Goldstone report in international conferences and meetings in order to do justice to the war victims and their families.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Hammad Al-Raqab stated, during a student ceremony held in a school in Khan Younis city, that the Palestinian people’s rallying around their resistance foiled all Zionist schemes to eradicate it during the last war on Gaza.

Raqab added that the Israeli occupation targeted in its war on Gaza everything, the mosques, schools, homes, children, women and men, but thanks to this popular rallying, the resistance achieved victory and routed the invading Israeli occupation forces.

Vilnai: The situation on Gaza borders could explode any moment.

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