Erekat Denies Palestine Will Ask for UN Statehood Recognition in January 2011

29.12.10 – 13:39

Jericho – PNN – Chief Palestinian negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat denied earlier reports from the Deutsch Press Agency (DPA) that he told a group of reporters in the West Bank city of Jericho that a Palestinian delegation would ask the United Nations Security Council for a vote on Palestinian statehood in early January 2011, once Bosnia takes over the council presidency from the United States.


Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat (PNN Archive).

The report would have been the first confirmation of a time frame in which Palestinian negotiators hope to hold a vote on statehood—an action they have been threatening to take for some time–but Erekat quickly claimed he was misquoted.

“I completely deny what was published that we will go to the Security Council to get international recognition for a Palestinian state,” Erekat said, less than an hour after original reports ran in the news.

“We are waiting for Bosnia to take the presidency of the Security Council,” explained Erekat in an earlier statement, quoted by DPA.  “The Israeli government is witnessing an international isolation that it hasn’t witnessed before, and it is due to the efforts exerted by the Palestinian leadership and by President Mahmoud Abbas.”

It is possible that Erekat was referring to a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity, which prior reports claim the Palestinians have been mulling over.

A statehood vote in the United Nations Security Council would run into the immediate obstacle of the American veto, which the US House of Representatives unanimously confirmed it would use in a vote earlier this month. Well over half of the UN’s 192 member states have already recognized Palestine as a state on its 1967 boundaries, but key exceptions include the United States, Israel, Australia, and most of Western Europe.

The past few weeks have seen several key recognitions coming from South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and most importantly Brazil, where President Abbas will lay the cornerstone of a new Palestinian embassy on Friday, January 1. Analysts expect he will use the occasion to speak to other European and Latin American leaders about their votes in the UN.


PNN – Palestine News Network – Erekat Denies Palestine Will Ask for UN Statehood Recognition in January 2011.

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