Israel agrees to place Fatah officers at Gaza crossings

[ 29/12/2010 – 11:12 AM ]


NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israel and the West Bank-governing Fatah authority have reached an agreement to post PA officials at the commercial crossings on the Israeli-Gaza border, Israeli media reported.

The agreement was reached between Israel’s government coordinator in the West Bank Major General Eitan Dangot and Palestinian civil affairs minister Hussein al-Sheikh, Israeli channel one said, adding that the method of implementation is still under discussion.

Israel has imposed a suffocating blockade on the Gaza Strip for the past four years.

Efforts have been made by world governments and civil organizations to launch relief convoys to the Gazans to fill the gap in their economic crisis, some of those efforts ending in lethal attacks.

The Asian Convoy 1, a humanitarian aid convoy uniting activists from more than a dozen Asian states, is set to land in Gaza this week.

Trade union leaders in Gaza have staged a workshop aimed at gearing trade unions to receive the blockade-busting Asian Convoy 1. Trade union heads and representatives attended.

Palestinian trade union association head Suhail al-Hindi emphasized the importance of receiving the convoy, the role of trade unions in receiving the convoy, and the importance of the workshop in preparing for the convoy.

The workshop covered a number of themes discussing the role of the trade unions in consolidating relations with siege-busting delegations and communicating with the convoy’s members and briefing them on the impact of the war and siege on Gaza.

Israel agrees to place Fatah officers at Gaza crossings.

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