Israel Demolishes Industrial Buildings North of Jerusalem, Settlers Uproot 30 Olive Trees

PNN – Palestine News Network – 29.12.10 – 15:44

Jerusalem – PNN – Citing lack of license and proximity to a military crossing, Israeli forces demolished an agricultural storehouse, a gas station, and several other industrial buildings in the Palestinian village of Hazma, north of Jerusalem.


Israeli troops oversee the demolition of structures in Hazma, north of Jerusalem (Wafa Images).

Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian state news wire Wafa that troops accompanied bulldozers, cordoned off the area, and to the distress of local citizens, began demolishing the structures. This is not the first time, according to local sources, that this has happened, and residents suspect the cleared land will now be used to build a settlers-only road.

Nearby, bulldozers cleared three sections of land in the Sheikh Anbar district, which is close to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Israeli authorities claimed the land was not licensed properly.

In other news, on Wednesday afternoon a group of settlers from the Yitzhar settlement south of Nablus uprooted 30 olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers from the village of Madaba.

Ghassan Douglas, the Palestinian Authority (PA) official in charge of filing settler attacks, said that a number of settlers uprooted the trees of Hosni Mustafa al-Qut, a resident of Madaba. He also said that Yitzhar settlers attacked homes in the village of Asira al-Qabliya on Weenesday as well, setting fire to a “large area” of farmland.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Israel Demolishes Industrial Buildings North of Jerusalem, Settlers Uproot 30 Olive Trees.




Settlers forgot “their” G-d’s laws:

“When you lay siege to a city and wage war against it a long time to capture it, do not destroy its trees, wielding an ax against any food-producing tree. Is a tree of the field a man who will come against you in the siege?”
(Deuteronomy 20:19).


Take from nature what you need, but do not destroy it!”
(Mishneh Torah, The Laws of Kings 6:8-10)


“Not only the trees, rather whoever breaks vessels and rents garments, destroys a building and obstructs a wellspring, or wastes food in a destructive way transgresses the mitzvah of “Bal Tashchit” (“don’t destroy”)…”
(Rambam, Mishna Torah, Hilchot Melachim 6:10)


“The prohibition of destroying fruit-trees during a siege and, likewise, all destruction is included in this prohibition. The root of the mitzvah is known to teach our souls to love what is good and useful and to subsequently cleave to it; through this, the good will cleave to us and we will distance ourselves from every evil thing and every destruction (waste). This is the way of people of good deeds who love peace, rejoice in the good of creation and bring everyone close to the Torah. They do not destroy anything-even a mustard seed-and it troubles them to encounter any destruction or harm. If they can act to save anything from destruction, they use their entire strength to do so.”
(Sefer Hachinuch, Mitzvah 529)


“At the time when Hashem created the first human being, He showed him each of the trees in the Garden of Eden and told him: “See my works how good and excellent they are! Now all that I created is for your sake. Think upon this. Do not corrupt or destroy My world. For if you destroy it, there will be no one to restore it after you.”
(Kohelet Raba 7:19)


And you must walk in His ways”
(Devarim 28:8)


End lesson REAL Judaism.  Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.


Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: The Prophet said, “Oppression will be a darkness on the Day of Resurrection.”

[Hadith Book Oppressions, Bukhari]


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