Joseph Dana is a regular contributor to this Blog. The following report (which is to be continued) describes the beating he received at the hands of the Israeli Border Police a few days ago…

This story is only unique because it happened to Jews.

Beatings and Intimidation in the West Bank

Posted by Joseph Dana

On Friday, I was detained by Border Police officers in Nabi Saleh along with another Israeli. We were handcuffed behind our backs, thrown to the ground and beaten. The other Israeli was beaten much worse than I. His head was smashed against the ground and he was kicked repeatedly in the stomach. All of this happened in front a Palestinian Btselem photographer who captured the whole thing on video. After the beating, we were then detained and held in a Jerusalem prison for thirty hours. This story is only unique because it happened to Jews.

It is almost a daily ritual for Palestinians in the West Bank. In the coming days I will publish a more detailed account of my detention and the harassment which I experienced. The border police commander who led the beating gave us a clear explanation for his actions while in the police station when he said, ‘don’t come back to Nabi Saleh you piece of shit.” Israel does not want Israelis in Nabi Saleh documenting the ruthless and brutal repression of Palestinian unarmed demonstrations. The state will go to shocking lengths to intimate, beat and detain us. One has to experience it to fully believe it.

Before I release my in depth account of the events, I would like to draw your attention to a video just released by Btselem documenting a solider beating a Palestinian Btselem photographer. The photographer was on his own land when the soldier attacked him. No charges will be filed against this soldier.

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