New Wave of Home demolishing in Negev

PNN – Palestine News Network – 29.12.10 – 12:41

Negev – PNN – Bulldozers of the Israeli interior Ministry started on Wednesday to demolish a number of homes in the Bedouin village of al Sadier in the Negev.



Local sources reported that the homes demolished today belongs to the Frihat family, according to witness the demolished houses were the home of at least 20 people.

Bedouins say the demolishing attacks on their homes by the state of Israel are happening on daily bases.

Around 40% of the Bedouin live in unrecognized villages. Approximately half of Bedouin citizens of Israel live in 39-45 such villages.

The Israeli state refused to recognize those villages as legal settlements therefore it does not provide them with any services and does not allow resident to build homes.

Arab Member of the Israeli Kenest, Talb Al San’e, considered today home destruction as a crime adding its clear attempt by the state of Israel to remove all Arab presence from the Negev. Arab MK said that the homes will be rebuilt soon.

PNN – Palestine News Network – New Wave of Home demolishing in Negev.

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