Analyst Assawaf: Freezing Dahlan’s Fatah membership proof of his corruption

[ 29/12/2010 – 07:57 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian writer and political analyst Mustafa Assawaf said that the decision taken by the central committee of Fatah faction to freeze the membership of its senior leader Mohamed Dahlan is clear proof of his involvement in many corruption cases and security incidents that happened in the Palestinian arena.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Assawf stated that Dahlan suffers from psychological problems and has passion for power and fame.

He stressed that the decision to freeze Dahlan’s membership underlines clearly that Fatah has started to suffer from internal collapse, especially since Dahlan is considered the first man inside Fatah after de facto president Mahmoud Abbas.

The writer noted that these problems inside Fatah indicate that it is a fragile faction and has no future.

The decision to freeze Dahlan’s membership followed claims that he plotted to overthrow Mahmoud Abbas. His aides are now being interrogated by a panel formed by Abbas.

The central committee also decided to remove Dahlan from Fatah’s information and culture commission and to ban him from attending its meetings until the interrogation panel finishes questioning him and his aides.

The committee, which met under the chairmanship of Abbas, announced that Nabil Abu Rudaineh, the spokesman of the Palestinian authority (PA), would become Fatah’s chief spokesman.

The PA security forces reportedly arrested many Dahlan’s loyalists including security elements in the West Bank while government institutions were ordered not to cooperate with him.

In the same context, informed Palestinian sources told the PIC on condition of anonymity that the PA intends to exile Dahlan’s followers to Gaza.

The sources noted that the main reasons that exacerbated the dispute between Abbas and Dahlan were that the latter tried to market himself to the Americans, Europeans and Israelis as the best replacement for Abbas as well as he badmouthed the former’s sons as corrupt persons who exploited their father’s position to accumulate a fortune.

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Analyst Assawaf: Freezing Dahlan’s Fatah membership proof of his corruption.

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