Bahr praises Arabs after successful parliamentarian tour

[ 29/12/2010 – 08:42 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– PLC deputy speaker Ahmed Bahr said the Arabs are doing well, confirming that all of the countries visited responded to Palestinian requests for political, material, and moral support.

The month long tour of Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Kuwait proved a political success with the PLC establishing its legitimacy on government and popular levels.

The objective was to rally support for the Palestinian cause, an end to the Gaza siege, the rebuilding of Gaza, and more key issues affecting the country.

“The majority of organizations responded to our requests in implementing specific projects in support of the steadfastness of our people,” Bahr said.

The parliamenarian delegation took part in conferences in Sudan and Algeria and met with heads of state, lawmakers, businessmen, and pro-Palestinian committees, and held political seminars in universities, as well as press conferences and interviews on TV and radio.

“Your people are doing well. They stand by you and will remain behind you until you triumph. We call on our people (the Arabs) to unite with the resistance movement to stand together in the face of Israel’s arrogance. We will remain loyal to the blood of our brave martyrs and captives and our wounded until we triumph.”

Bahr praises Arabs after successful parliamentarian tour.

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