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Gaza Doctor’s Story: A Painful Legacy Of Occupation


ei: Photostory: Volvo equipment used in house demolitions (part 2)


Settlers Attack Reuters Journalist’s Car South of Hebron


The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | Motley caravan team waits to enter Gaza


Two Years After Gaza War, Gaza Remains Sealed-Off, Suffering Continues


Bahr praises Arabs after successful parliamentarian tour


Israelis replace parts of Jerusalem Old City walls with Jewish symbols


Palestinians turn to UN for support


Palestinian activist withdraws appeal of order banning him from Jerusalem


Analyst Assawaf: Freezing Dahlan’s Fatah membership proof of his corruption


The Deir Yassin Remembered Blog: The Antisemitism to Come? Hardly


Daoud Kuttab: Mixed year for Palestinians


Palestine Video: Rabbis’ wives Letter urges girls not to date Arabs or work at places that non-Jews frequent


Palestine Video: Israel war crimes, your tax dollars at work




Gaza Today: Opinion: Peace failure in Middle East, who’s to blame?


Rough Moleskin: Coloni israeliani incendiano un’abitazione a Susiya – Colline a Sud di Al Khalil (He…


International Solidarity Movement: Beit Hanoun demonstration commemorates “Cast Lead” as victims’ families mourn


مدونة شامخ: وطني ,, يا بيوت الي بيحبونا ,, يا تراب اللي سبقون


The Palestine #Daily


Slouching toward a Palestinian Holocaust


Dutch Government Cuts Funding for Cordaid, NGO Involved in Palestine


US not serious about statehood for Palestine


Jewish girls urged to avoid Arab men


CrossTalk: Who Hates Jews (ft. Norman Finkelstein)


Settlers set fire tents in susya 28.12.10 filmed by our friend Nasser Nawaja « V I D E O


Adnan Gheith withdraws appeal to High Court: Will be expelled for four months


PA targets settlements in UN resolution,7340,L-4006400,00.html


PA: Israel detained 1,100 children in 2010


Detained journalist questions right to freedom of speech for Palestinians


Ministry closes 4 kindergartens


ISRAEL – PALESTINE Build bridges of peace, not walls, Jerusalem Churches say


The great gaza debate,7340,L-4006205,00.html


Israeli MK proposes killing Bedouin smugglers


ei: Gaza farmers pack strawberries and hope for export


FIDA denounces raid on Gaza offices


Israel Demolishes Industrial Buildings North of Jerusalem, Settlers Uproot 30 Olive Trees


Palestinians seek more than a “Facebook state”: PM


Al-Aqsa Brigades Announce Official Ceasefire with Israel


BDS 2010: More Powerful Than The Sword


Settler clashes in northern West Bank


Youth groups paint murals in to mark Gaza war


Israeli army ups alertness along Gaza border following skirmishes


On Palestine, the US is a rogue state | John Whitbeck | Comment is free |


On Palestine, the US is a rogue state


Under My Olive Tree: Back to School campaign – 2 –


No Justice No Peace … the Big Picture: A Token Effort




Palestinian Legislative Council delegation tours several Arab countries




Erekat Denies Palestine Will Ask for UN Statehood Recognition in January 2011
a rel=”nofollow” href=”../2010/12/29/erekat-denies-palestine-will-ask-for-un-statehood-recognition-in-january-2011/” target=”_blank”>


Some 200 people marching from Issawiya through the French Hill settlement (in Jerusalem) against the siege on the village


Erekat Denies Palestine Will Ask for UN Statehood Recognition in January 2011


Ahmad Mesleh


New Wave of Home Demolitions in Negev


Annie’s letters: Christmas in Bethlehem – then and now


Ramallah Online: Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases


Annie’s letters: Advent Artwork


Palestine will never die | Free free Palestine!


ترحيل 250 أسيرا من قسم “ب” في سجن النقب إلى السجون المركزية | AL Quds


قافلة مساعدات الى غزة تناشد مصر منحها الموافقة لدخول ميناء العريش | AL Quds


Maan News Agency: PA: Israel continues land confiscations in West Bank


Israeli Settlers Set Fire to a House-Tent in the Palestinian Village of Susiya


To Shoot an Elephant | a documentary by Alberto Arce


Children of Gaza documentary (6 Parts) « Never Cast Lead Again


New York Times sick of Israel — War in Context


The Videos of Cast Lead


The Children of Cast lead


palestina: A banner depicting the faces of the… – Palestine Today


Internationals in Palestine


Military chase sees Beit Ummar teen hospitalized


Racist Graffiti Sprayed On Mosque Near Ramleh, Inside Israel


Israel plans to demolish homes in Yasul


Shelling Reported in Gaza City


New Wave of Home demolishing in Negev


Rights groups announce plans to sue PA leaders


Israel agrees to place Fatah officers at Gaza crossings


U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem Donates New Book Collection to Masaha Children’s Library


What does ‘resistance’ mean in Palestine?


Factions call for removing obstacles before reconciliation


IOF troops fire artillery shell in Gaza, detain 7 West Bankers


Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Army Gunfire in Southern Gaza Strip


Palestinian female detainee on four weeks of hunger strike


Abu Obeida: We do not expect a downfall in the West Bank


Jewish settlers desecrate mosque


PA to update Palestinian registry, include East Jlem


In Israel, warnings to avoid intermarriage


Wikileaks not shielding Israel?


Maan News Agency: Gaza City residents report shelling


Maan News Agency: Israel continues Negev home demolitions


Hamas urges AL to stop Israeli attacks


Hamas: PA detains 7 supporters


Israel’s genocidal aggression on Gaza revisited « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |


Interview with Meshaal on Hamas Policy – Must Read !


Palestinian Authority easing ban on Palestinian workers in settlements | Al Bawaba


Make no mistake – Israelis have always been racist


Israel Represses Israelis, and Congress Approves by Stephen Zunes —


Abbas to lay cornerstone of Palestinian embassy in Brazil,7340,L-4005973,00.html


Palestinian Factions In Gaza Hold A Meeting To Discuss Israeli Threats


Palestinian Developer Intends To Buy Settlement Construction Firm


Report: 90% of Shin Bet Detainees Prevented from Seeing Lawyer – International Middle East Media Center


14 Palestinians killed in December so far


Gaza hosts intl. film festival


Ramallah Online: IF Obama could put America’s own real interests first…



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