Message to the world from Ahmad Mesleh

Every day when the sun rises, we open our eyes and start thinking: What are we going to do today? Did we achieve our dreams? Did we get what we want? Or … did I make every possible effort to fulfill my wishes?

I am not different from other people: I’m human, I breathe, I smile, and I cry. I have a dream. And I work very hard for it with endless energy and a infinite motivation.

I am Ahmad Mesleh from the village of Nil’in in West Bank, Palestine. I am a photographer and my dream is to be an eye on Palestine, to let the world see the beauty of my country, the magic of its people, the hope, tears and laughter but also, the desperation, suffering of its people and the cruelty of the occupation, the danger and the daily reality this is for us. Here, in West Bank Palestine.

Since I began 16 months ago, I have confronted many problems such as having no camera, being shot and injured, and witnessing people losing their lives all around me. But none of these stopped me, and I won’t give up now.

I remain steadfast; becoming stronger with more hope, because I know in my heart that since I started, my place is right here. I stand with mothers who lost children, and people who have relatives in jail sometimes for decades without formal sentencing. I stand with my people and all those helping us, to resist the occupation and its cruelties, the war.

But what is really difficult is when you are holding on your shoulders also others’ dreams and suffering. The suffering of the people of Palestine. The suffering of the occupation, the wars, the genocides. This is not easy, believe me. It is harder that can be imagined.

Sometimes all I can do is cry. Sometimes I am just speechless, sitting in the corner of my room squeezing my brain to think of a way to get me out of that or how to help others to achieve their dreams, hopes, and especially how to achieve peace for all of us.
We all need help. We all look for the strong hands that can pull us up from the pool of horror that is our existence. I gave my hands to many people and I don’t know if after you read this message if I will see hands to help me achieve my dreams or not.

My objective is to show what happened and still happens here in my little town, in my mother country Palestine. My photography gives me the means and mission to provide people with a real eye on Palestine.

Sometimes I asked people for help. Not for personal things but for necessities to continue my fight to be able to make the pictures out of cameras I didn’t have.

Desperately I kept shouting for support, but no one seemed to hear my cry for help. Though I can say thank you for and to everyone in my heart, near me and also those abroad supporting me in my work, for I am really happy to have all those people “around” me which are committed with the same cause.

Now, with this letter to you, I am calling for help once again to come on the right way for my future and want to ask your assistance to actually achieve my goal, to develop my skills, to learn more, to be even better in my work.

To strengthen myself in my work, to refine and improve skills in what I’m doing in and for Palestine, to be even a better “eye” for my people, for you, for me and for all in the world I want to reach with my work and my messages in my photography.
It is a matter of contacts and networking. A search I can’t conduct on my own. So I open my window to call and reach out for help from you brothers and sisters; what I am looking for is a photography scholarship in Canada.

First, I want to do something for developing my future to be stronger in my work and to continue study in order to teach others. This is my dream. Also I want to be with my fiance and after we have finished our studies return to Palestine to do our duty. If am asking for too much please tell me my friends, for I need some rest to think how to support myself and others.
I hereby request your help in finding a photography scholarship in Canada. Nothing more or less. I want to ask you also, if you know someone in your network or among friends with such knowledge to forward this letter to them.

I want to thank everyone who stands and has stood by my side and supported me in my job or otherwise helped me to get my voice out by way of my photography. I hope you, brothers and sisters, can help me in achieving my dream.Yours sincerely,

Ahmad Mesleh

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