Gaza Wakfs Minister Condemns Israeli Crimes

QNA | News |  Article Date: 14:35 2010/12/31
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Gaza, December 31 (QNA) – Minister of Wakfs and Religious Affairs in the disbanded Palestinian government in Gaza Dr. Talib Abu Shaar has condemned the crimes perpetrated by Israel against Jerusalem. In a statement issued by his ministry today Dr. Abu Shaar said the Israeliا occupation authorities were pressing ahead with their campaign of falsification of history and the Islamic and Arab monuments in the city of Jerusalem. He added that occupation authorities claimed that they are carrying out a project for the maintenance and restoration of the ancient walls of Jerusalem, but they changed a number of walls” stones and replaced them by stones bearing Jewish, Talmud and Torah symbols, such as a stone symbolizing the alleged Solomon”s temple and another carrying six-pointed Star of David. (QNA) OM

QNA | News | Gaza Wakfs Minister Condemns Israeli Crimes.

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