Soldiers Use Tear Gas to Suppress Anti-Wall Protests in the West Bank

PNN – Palestine News Network – 31.12.10 – 16:09

Bethlehem – PNN – Anti-wall protests were reported on Friday at the village of Nil’in and al Nabi Saleh in central West Bank, in addition to al Ma’ssara in the south.

Israeli and international supporters joined the villagers at all three locations. The protests started shortly after the midday prayers.

In the village of Al Ma’ssara, protesters were stopped by the army at the village entrance before they reached the lands taken by Israel from the village to build the wall. Soldiers then used tear gas to force people back to the village.


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Meanwhile Dozens of protesters from the central West Bank village of al-Nabi Saleh, joined by several internationals, demonstrated today against the wall and the nearby Israeli settlement of Halamish. Many from outside the village were prevented from entering by a military blockade.

The protesters were met with an instant show of force from Israeli troops, who fired tear gas and sound bombs. The protest ended later in the afternoon.

In the nearby Nil’in village the protest this week ended peacefully. Villagers and their supporters marched to the wall then protested for some time. The group left without being attacked by the army this week.


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PNN – Palestine News Network – Soldiers Use Tear Gas to Suppress Anti-Wall Protests in the West Bank.

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