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Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC)
The Holy City, in December 2010 as in each month of the year, house demolitions, eviction orders, clashes, injures, detainees and this time also a ban of a Palestinian political figure. Silwan had the largest share of that all. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center counted during the last month of the year 2010.13 arrest in Silwan 9 of which are carried out against children, 5 cases of home demolitions in Sur Baher and Silwan, more than 6 notifications of Palestinians in East Jerusalem in Silwan and Al Thuri specifically, clashes have continued in the village of Silwan on an almost daily basis, more than 8 injured by rubber bullets and dozens by inhaling tear gas. Silwanic photographer was injured during the clashes on 26 December. A 5-Year-Old was injured after she was hit by an Israeli police car in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan.

Clashes and injuries

Clashes taking place in Silwan in an almost daily basis, where confrontations break out between Palestinians and Israeli settlers supported by their guards from the police, army and special guards. Clashes bursted in Silwan as a result of Israeli provocations in the Palestinian village. The main cause of the most violent clashes December 2010 was the attempts to take over Palestinian property and threat to evict the Abu Nab Palestinian home.

The Israeli authorities announced its intention to evict the house on December 26. Clashes erupted on that same day as a result of the tense atmosphere created by a heavy military presence and closures in the village. Clashes have spread in different districts of the village and were concentrated in the Baten el Hawa neighborhood of Silwan where the Abu Nab home is located. This was followed by more violent clashes continued for two consecutive days after a provocative visit made by members of the so-called “Israeli National Party” a right-wing extremist members in the kennest who visited the settlement building known as the “Beit Yonatan” to discuss the latest developments in the village.

Arrests and detentions

13 arrests and detentions have been documented in silwan during the month of December 9 of which are children aged between 11 to 17, six of those children, were arrested from their homes, while the other three were arrested from the streets of the village. Four of the children narrated  for Silwanic the details of their detention and interrogation, asserting they were beaten and insulted by Israeli police or investigators. A. Q. 15 year old, was arrested at 4am on December 27. He spoke to Silwanic the details of his arrest by an over 25 heavily armed masked Israeli Special Forces elements who raided his home in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan. The Israeli Poice got to the kid’s family house by jumping over the fence from the nearby settlement. A. Q. was awakened and transferred to the police vehicle where he was forced to sit with his head down between his legs and threatened to be beaten if he raised his head. He told that the police car drove headed to arrest another child aged 13. A. Q. was beaten by members of a special forces when he protested  the arrest of a 13 year old child. The children were transferresd to the police station in Salah al-Din Street and there subjected to investigate with a third child from Silwan at the age of 15. According to A. Q. he was forced to sign papers written in Hebrew and then was transfered with the other two to the Maskubya Station, where the investigator threatened the children who do not exceed the age of fifteen, accusing them of robbery on a settler guard, stealing his weapon, burning his room, and exchanging of fire with the settler guards after that.

The youngest kid was released before the court, since he had marks of beatings on his face. The detention of the other two children have been extended an additional day. They were released on December 28 after an appeal to the Israeli Central Court, which ruled the release of the kids on financial bail.

Ahmed Dana, 13, was arrested on December 26 by Israeli special police forces who kept the kid in a settlers’ guards car before transffereing him to the Police Station, and extend his detention one day after he was released on bail reached 10 thousand shekels. Mustafa Jamjoom, 13, was arrested on 16 December from Bir Ayyub area of Silwan after suffering head injuries as a result of the clashes The Israeli prosecutor demanded the Magistrate’s Court to extend the detention of the 13 year old kid for three months but the court decided to send a child to  one week of house arrest after the efforts of the lawyer who was hired by the alDammer and the global movement to defend the children prganizations.

Home Demolitions

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem continue its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes under the pretext of illegal construction. the Israeli municipality has demolished two houses in Silwan and one in Sour Baher in addition to two other houses in Sourbahr that were demolished by their owners after receving an order of demolition from the municipality because of the inability of their owners to pay for the Israeli mechanisms of destruction and the fear of losing their furnitures as it does not enable the families to save furniture in the event the municipal demolition of houses. It should be noted that the Palestinian-populated areas of Jerusalem is usually does not have planning schemes to build, therefore, Palestinians in Jerusalem usually are forced to build without Israeli permits.

The banning of Palestinian

Legal battles over the issue of removal of a member of the Committee of Al Bustan, Adnan Ghaith, ended with the withdrawal of the last petition submitted by Ghaith, who last presented to the Israeli Supreme Court and it will spend a period of four months Ghaith outside the city of Jerusalem and its environs starting from January 12. Palestinian residents consider that to be a new policy to achieve the same aim of weakening the Palestinian identity of the Holy City.

December 2010: Wadi Hilweh Information Center Report « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem.

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