Hamas warns Abbas of handing Qawasmi to Israel

[ 01/01/2011 – 03:30 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas warned de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and his security apparatuses in the West Bank of handing Qassam leader Ayub Al-Qawasmi to the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

The movement said in a statement on Saturday that it strongly condemns the detention of Qawasmi, describing his “abduction” as a “national crime”.

It said that the detention of the Qassam Brigades leader, 46, who has succeeded in evading IOA arrest for the past 23 years, was a “free service to occupation”.

Hamas demanded the immediate release of Qawasmi, holding Abbas personally and his security apparatuses responsible for his safety, warning them of delivering the Mujahid to the IOA under any pretext.

Hamas warns Abbas of handing Qawasmi to Israel.

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