Israel to isolate settlements around Gaza with trees

[ 02/01/2011 – 12:41 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Israel has sights set on cordoning off settlements with dense trees to isolate communities there from their Palestinian neighbors in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Jews will mark their January 20th tree celebration this year by planting hundreds of towering eucalyptus trees around the settlements established 17 km outside of Gaza intended to block the view of resistance fighters and thus deter possible rocket fire, the Israeli daily Ynet reported Sunday.

“After completing the afforestation and deforestation security project, the view will be blocked from about a quarter of the strip with trees too dense for visual contact between the Gaza Strip, Israeli residential communities, and the main road in the region,” Ynet quoted one Israeli military official as saying. The step’s significance lies in “isolating the Israelis from friction with the strip.”

The Israeli war ministry alongside the Jewish National Fund has dedicated 2.8 million dollars to the project.

Israel to isolate settlements around Gaza with trees.

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