Israelis Have Set up 440 Jewish Settlement Posts in West Bank

Article Date: 22:18 2011/01/02
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Ramallah, January 02 (QNA) -Israelis have set up some 440 jewish settlement posts in the West Bank , according to a Palestinian report.
The report said the posts include 144 known settlements, 207 settlement blocs including 109 blocs set up outside the settlements and 96 blocs in the vicinity of settlements, besides 50 Israeli army bases or camps that devoured 1 percent of the West Bank land but control 42 percent of the West Bank”s territory.
Some 21 percent of the land upon which settlements were built is private Palestinian property usurped by force, whereas the rest of the land is called state-owned, originally Palestinian but also seized by the Israeli government by force.
Since what is called the roadmap for peace in the Middle East which was presented in 2004, until 2010 the number of jewish settlers in East Jerusalem increased by 28 percent, according to the report.(QNA) M T Z

QNA | News | Israelis Have Set up 440 Jewish Settlement Posts in West Bank.

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