Resistance factions stage Gaza sit-in to protest West Bank political arrests

[ 02/01/2011 – 05:08 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian resistance movement factions have staged a sit-in on the Legislative Council’s courtyard in Gaza city to reiterate their opposition to the unjustified spree of political arrests the PA is responsible for in the West Bank.

Hamas issued a statistical report to mark the new year documenting the PA’s politically motivated arrests against Palestinians in the West Bank. Hundreds of Hamas supporters remain to be held in West Bank prisons.

“The political arrests have stood as an obstacle in the path of achieving Palestinian reconciliation and national unity,” said Islamic Jihad Movement leader Khadir Habib for his part. “What Fatah is doing in the West Bank is in service to Israel at the expense of the Palestinians’ security.”

Khalid Abu Hilal, a key member of the Palestinian freeman’s movement, called on West Bank citizens to join forces with the political detainees and revolt against officials, adding that Fatah’s conduct will require serious mobilization.

Resistance factions stage Gaza sit-in to protest West Bank political arrests.

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