Fighting a Winning War Against Israel

03.01.11 – 16:25 By: Mitri I. Musleh – Ever since Israel, supported by the world’s imperialist powers, managed to militarily defeat the Palestinians and illegally occupy and exploit Palestine for the past six decades, Israel and its imperialist allies managed to drive and win a propaganda war which made Israel look like the victim and the Palestinians as the instigators who are committed on destroying the helpless and defenseless state of Israeli.



one reason or another, all of the Palestinian people’s efforts in combating such a powerful enemy ended in total failure.
Meanwhile, the situation has reached a point in history that is exposing the deceitful intentions of the Israeli leadership. Israel’s current leaders, who claim their commitment to achieving a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians, are the reason why peace talks are stalled.
The Palestinian people are only asking for a viable state of Palestine on the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital. In reality, this constitutes 22% of original Palestine.
Israel, on the other hand, is proposing an apartheid Palestinian state surrounded by armed and illegal Israeli settlements and settlers. It’s military force would control all border crossing leading to and from the Palestinian areas including undisputed control of the sea and air making the proposed Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank and Gaza, excluding Jerusalem, nothing more than the biggest ever-outdoor jail in history.
Even though the Palestinian leadership is split on how the next step of struggle should look like, the Palestinian Authority is changing its struggle tactics to combat an aggressive occupier. Submitting to the fact that the Palestinians failed in their political, military and diplomatic efforts in achieving a Palestinian states, the Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, remain committed to establishing a Palestinian state through economic means.
Many Palestinians foresee Prime Minister Fayyad as an honest broker whose only interest lies in serving the national interests of the state of Palestine and its people. Mr. Fayyad past education in economics is the only weapon he is using to build the Palestinian infrastructure believing it to be the only way to fight corruption and occupation.
Mr. Fayyad’s economic revolution is honest, realistic, and attainable and is guaranteed success.
By 2011, Mr Fayyad will have removed all manufactured illegal Israeli settlement products from Palestinian shops. In addition, he is creating jobs and opportunities for the Palestinian youth.
This is a very positive step in the right direction. It is only through dedication, determination and commitment that the Palestinians may succeed in establishing their own state.
I must admit, as a humanist, I was not so keen on placing economics ahead of freedom. I strongly believe that first and foremost, the Palestinian youth must first be freed from the bondage of Israel’s fatal occupation. Creating jobs and freeing the Palestinians from total dependency on Israeli products could easily follow.
While I continue to believe that freedom is more valuable than economics, I truly see the significance behind Mr Fayyad’s economic revolution and I firmly stand behind his theory.
The Palestinian people’s final destination is to reach a viable, self-supporting, secular, democratic and free state of Palestine.
With the objective remaining the same, does it really matter which road you take for as long as you successfully arrive at your destination?
All Palestinian factions, including Hamas, are firmly standing behind establishing a two-state solution and are willing to reconcile their differences in order to achieve their objective.
Contrary to such a positive move presented by the Palestinian leadership, Israel’s current leaders, in and outside the state of Israel, continue to defy any international progress made towards establishing peace and creating economic opportunities in the region.
The number of country’s realizing the deceitful means of the Israeli leaders is on the increase daily. It will not be long before the US, Israel’s strongest supporter, may be forced to ally itself with the majority of the world’s people and stand truly behind the principles of justice and freedom that they seem to preach at all times.
With the two-state solution being dashed by Israel’s leaders, the Palestinians have only one option to follow. They would be wise to learn from past civil rights leaders such as, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela and demand that their equal rights and liberties be restored to them within the one-state / one-people solution.

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