Palestine being decapitated as PLO fiddles in Ramallah

Published Date: 03/01/2011 – 12:01 AM
The PLO-PA leadership is behaving very much like Nero who was fiddling while Rome was on fire.

As the manifestly fascist government of Israel and the Obama administration, which happens to be decidedly at Israel’s beck and call, are negotiating amongst themselves the final liquidation of the Palestinian cause, the PLO leadership is busy discussing a government reshuffle in Ramallah, as if the Ramallah regime, which depends completely on foreign handouts, were enjoying any semblance of authority, or sovereignty or even dignity.

This coincides with the clear confusion, disorientation and helplessness with which PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and cohorts are reacting to the unrelenting conspiracies being hatched by both Israel and the Obama administration for the purpose of liquidating the remainder of the Palestinian cause once and for all.

Fully aware of the sheepish nature of his Fatah loyalists, Abbas is effectively abandoning Palestinian national constants one by one. However, when meeting the people face to face, e.g. to mark certain national occasions or anniversaries, such as the anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death or Fatah’s anniversary, Abbas has no problem claiming rather shamelessly that he continues to stick to all the national constants and that he has not and will not give concessions to Israel.

One of the most disgraceful displays of behaviour by the Ramallah leadership has been its silent but scandalous response to the obscene bribe the Obama administration has offered the Zionist regime in return for freezing settlement expansion in the West Bank for 90 days. Equally scandalous has been Ramallah’s reactions to Washington’s announcement of the collapse of the peace process and its decision to try to cajole the PA into accepting a new chapter of tricks, lies, prevarications and time-consuming manœuvres aimed at giving Israel more time to create more facts on the ground in the West Bank.

Indeed, instead of voicing its strongest opposition to this deception by the very immoral woman who declared only a few years ago that Jerusalem was Israel’s united and undivided capital, the PLO leadership babbled a few irrelevant words, with some PA spokesmen saying that what goes on between Washington and the Zionist regime was none of the Palestinians business!

Indeed, if the Obama administration could afford Israel $3 billion dollars for merely agreeing to freeze settlement expansion in the West Bank, but not in East Jerusalem, what would it take to get Israel to agree to withdraw entirely from the occupied territories of 1967 and allow for the creation of a viable Palestinian State?

Would the U.S. cede the State of California or Texas to Israel?

Would the U.S. give Israel free of charge four or five aircraft carriers or share with the Zionist State all of America’s nuclear secrets? Or perhaps the U.S. government would agree to formalize the Zionist control of America by levying a certain poll-tax from every American man, woman and child which would be used further to enforce the Jewish settlement schemes in the West Bank.

To put it mildly, the latest tomfoolery on the part of the Obama administration has been more than mere spit in the faces of Arabs. It told the Arabs in no mistakable language that “you are contemptible creatures, like scum, vermin and dirty animals; that since you people have no respect for yourselves and your people, we are not willing to show you the slightest respect, because those who don’t respect themselves deserve no respect from others.”

Unfortunately, even if Washington were to say bluntly and brashly what it has been saying for ages tacitly and implicitly, the Arab leaderships won’t wake up, for they are effectively dead.

To be sure, Washington is not that naïve. It knows too well the reality of Arab rulers from Morocco to Bahrain—that they are contemptible, self-worshiping little men who would be willing and ready to trade off the future of their entire countries and peoples for one thing: staying in power and remaining on their thrones. And it does not matter if these rulers happen to be at the helm of kingdoms, or sheikhdoms, or republics; since every one would eventually groom his son to be the next tyrant.

It is really lamentable that the Palestinian leadership, whose term in office has long expired, is behaving exactly like the other Arab dictatorships.

For example, the Egyptian regime has become the perfect model for Mahmoud Abbas. Thus, from Abbas’s viewpoint, Egypt is the only Arab country that is qualified to bring about reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas because of its impeccable credentials and evenhandedness!

Well, one is almost innately prompted to ask if a regime that is nearly totally dishonest with its own masses, a regime that orders crack police, with batons, to savagely beat voters on suspicion that they might vote for the opposition, is capable of acting honesty and evenhandedly with regard to Fatah and Hamas.

Unfortunately, Abbas, whose financial lifelines starts from Washington does not even try to treat his own people with the dignity and respect they deserve, having withstood (and are still withstanding) decades of Israeli oppression and repression.

Instead, he gets the money from Washington, but emulates the tyranny of his fellow Arab dictators who too happen to be American’s puppets and obedient servants.

What is even more despicable is that Abbas’s numerous disingenuous “legislative” and consultative bodies, such as the PLO Executive Committee, the Fatah Revolutionary Council, and the Central Council, are in reality “yes bodies” whose members, appointed or elected, would not raise any objection to Abbas’s free concessions to the Zionist regime.

These bodies always give Abbas the benefit of the doubt and deal with the “leadership” as if it were an infallible entity.

The truth of the matter, however, is these people are not stupid or ignorant of what is going on. They are rather contemptible hangers-on and would do almost anything that maintains their interests, especially the hefty salaries they receive from Abbas’s regime.

In the meantime, Israel is introducing draconian measures for the purpose of irreversibly altering the face of the West Bank. This is while Abbas, et al., are busy with petty politics and other childish games of Ramallah; and Mubarak, the head of the biggest Arab State, is urging the Palestinians to surrender to Israeli dictates before Israeli settlement activities cover the remainder of occupied Palestine.

Palestine being decapitated as PLO fiddles in Ramallah.

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