Ramon prisoners forced to sleep on floor

[ 03/01/2011 – 11:26 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Captivated Hamas leaders Jamal Abu al-Haija and Ahmed Saadat have been sleeping on the Israeli Ramon prison floor, said prisoner rights expert Fouad al-Khafsh.

The isolated prisoners were provided a cell furnished with a bunk bed. But because of Saadat’s  deteriorating medical condition – also a result of prison conditions – and Abu al-Haija’s amputated hand, the top bunk serves them no use, Khafsh said in a press release after receiving a letter from the prisoners.

Abu al-Haija and Saadat agreed to take turns sleeping on the floor to split their suffering.

Ramon prisoners protested for the sake of their fellow inmates by returning their meals. They demand that the older prisoners be accomodated with two lower-level beds.

The Gaza ministry of prisoner affairs issued a report Sunday classing 2010 as one of the most difficult years for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The report says that Israeli authorities made more than 4,700 arrests that year targeting Palestinians, 750 of them children.

Israeli prison authorities performed 150 search raids throughout the year. Special prison search units were reported to have used “suppressive, terrorist” acts during the attacks. Several cases of injury were also recorded.

Two Palestinian captives died from “deliberate medical neglect”, said the ministry’s media department director Riyadh al-Ashqar.

The Israeli Knesset passed several laws targeting prisoner rights in 2010, including a law denying captives lawyer visits for six months upon arrest.

Ramon prisoners forced to sleep on floor.

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