Asian Convoy 1 kicks off four day tour of Gaza Strip

[ 04/01/2011 – 10:43 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Asian Convoy 1, which landed in Gaza Sunday, will begin a four-day tour of the strip Monday morning to survey the destruction Israel left behind in the last war on the region.

The Asian activists, as coordinated by the Gaza government’s siege committee, will view first-hand the buildings ruined in the war’s aftermath, and are scheduled to visit the families of Gazan casualties and war prisoners. The first tour will be capped off with an honorary festival in their name. Several press conferences and meetings with media have been mapped out in the program.

The activists will personally hand over several ambulances they carried on board to the Gaza health ministry.

The convoy arrived in Gaza late Sunday night through the Egyptian Rafah crossing. Participants fell prostrate to the ground out of thanks and joy when touching Gaza soil.

Asma, a 28 year old activist from Indonesia who took along her 8 month old infant, said marking the event: “I want Hanan (her daughter) to be blessed after the Gazans and believers here see her.”

Asma considered her visit to Gaza an important achievement in her and her daughter’s life. “I will be proud to have visited Gaza until I die; and Hanan will brag to her neighbors and friends that she visited Gaza and a dignified people.”

Asian Convoy 1 kicks off four day tour of Gaza Strip.

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