Message from Gaza Youth Breaks Out | Manifesto | Retrospection nr 1

The success we met in a couple of weeks bewildered us; we just didn’t expect it to be that big, & didn’t expect the reactions it would meet. Like a bottle thrown desperately in the sea, we dropped that manifesto, just hoping some people would care to read it. How naive ) Who would have thought then that an unplanned way of writing – putting Hamas before Israel – would spark that much buzz? Because that’s what happened.

A shout out of the chest yells words as they come. At no moment we meant that Hamas, or Fatah, were worse than Israel. At no moment.

We owe our fellow citizens, the supporters of the Palestinian cause, & our followers a clarification, and we really hope this will help the right people support us. So Fuck Israel – BIG TIME – for cruelly shedding our blood for almost a century. Fuck Hamas & fuck Fatah for failing to unite for us.

Love and respect from Gaza,




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