Palestinian figures humiliated by PA embassy to Brazil

PIC | [ 05/01/2011 – 10:30 AM ]


BRASILIA, (PIC)– High-profile Palestinian figures operating in Brazil have denounced what they called “humiliating treatment” from the Palestinian Authority embassy in Brazil.

“We were officially invited by Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Zabin to take part in a ceremony to lay down the foundation stone of the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia, which was hosted by Mahmoud Abbas, but unfortunately, we as representatives of the Palestinian community in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul did not receive the appreciation we expected,” said Dr. Jamal Salim, chief official of the united Palestinian associations in Brazil, and Numan Khalil, chairman of the Palestinian-Brazilian association in the city of Combo Grande.

The officials were excluded from an invite to meet with Mahmoud Abbas at his residence in Brasilia. They suspected the neglect was because they were not members of the Fatah party.

Dr. Jamal Salim, a Combo Grande municipal council member, brought the highest degree medal of honor signed by 21 members of the council to award it to Abbas during the dinner ceremony as scheduled in the program. But Salim said he was still not given recognition.

Noman Khalil, a singer and musician, was invited to sing about Palestinian heritage, but he was situated to sing in a side room where no one could see him.

Salim and Khalil believed that the ill-treatment was based on their political affiliation.

Palestinian figures humiliated by PA embassy to Brazil.

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