Prison sources: Dr. Dhoqan’s health is steadily deteriorating

Palestinian Information Center |  [ 05/01/2011 – 04:26 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The health of Al-Najah University lecturer Dr. Ghassan Dhoqan is steadily deteriorating, sources inside the PA Junaid prison in Nablus told the PIC.

The ex-prisoner in Israeli occupation jails suffers from a slipped disc and had undergone knee surgery. Long hours of tied up in the Shabeh position (being sat on a low stool with hands tied the feet from the back) have had a strong impact on his medical condition, the sources added.

Dhoqan, a key Islamic movement activist in Nablus, was arrested by the PA a short time after he was released from Israeli prisons late November last year. He served three years in Israeli administrative detention, without charge or trial.

PA security militias have a long track record of arresting Hamas affiliates and supporters who spent time in Israeli custody in apparent steps to take turns targeting Hamas.

Meanwhile, PA security agencies arrested eight Hamas supporters within the past few days in the West Bank provinces of Nablus, Jenin, and Ramallah, two of them had served prison terms in occupation jails, locals reported Wednesday.

In a related context, Israel arrested four days ago Qassam Brigades fighter Mohanned Hussein Abdullah less than a month after being released from PA jails where he spent three years..

Eight more of Hamas’s men from Qabalan who formerly spent time in Israeli jails have been placed in detention by the PA.

Two Qalqalia men have been transferred to PA military court a few days after their arrest. Both of them served jail time in Israel.

Two men from the Jenin village of Cyrus have been arrested from their homes. They were subjected to numerous prior arrests.

Israeli troops have apprehended 50-year old leading charity worker Ahmed Salatina, who was diagnosed with cancer. He had spent a total of nine years in Israeli custody and was arrested on nine occasions by the PA.

In Ramallah, the PA is holding a Ranatis man who spent four years in Israeli prisons and three more ex-captives from the Silwad village, all of them having ties with educational facilities and mosques.

Prison sources: Dr. Dhoqan’s health is steadily deteriorating.

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