Father of hunger striker: My son is still on hunger strike

[ 06/01/2011 – 10:12 AM ]


BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– The father of Ahmed Al-Oweiwi, one of the hunger strikers in the Palestinian authority’s jails, said his son is still on hunger strike and his life is in jeopardy, appealing to what he called the free people to intervene to save the lives of all hunger strikers.

Abu Rateb Al-Oweiwi, the father, told the Palestinian information center (PIC), on Wednesday that he was able to see to his son and other hunger strikers and their health conditions are extremely miserable. “I can say they are like dead bodies.”

He noted that hunger striker Wael Al-Bitar is still isolated in Bethlehem jails.

The father stated that the PA intelligence took his son to a military court again and accused him of organizing militia, affirming that Ahmed rejected this accusation and insisted on not ceasing his hunger strike until he is released according to the decision issued by the higher court of justice.

“These young men are unfairly being held by force and without guilt and should be released immediately,” the father stressed.

For its part, the Palestinian center for human rights demanded the release of all hunger strikers and one woman being held by the PA intelligence in compliance with the decisions issued by the highest judicial authority in Palestine.

The center noted that the women is Tamam Abu Assaud and was detained without reason by the PA intelligence on November 17, 2010, adding that the woman is under interrogation by the military prosecution as a prelude to holding a military trial against her.

The center affirmed that all the detainees, the woman and the hunger strikers, have undergone since their detention intensive questioning about their affiliations and political activities, and were exposed to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their interrogators.

Friends of humanity international also slammed the detention of the six hunger strikers and called on de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his government in Ramallah to release them immediately.

The human rights organization in a statement on Wednesday said that the reports on serious violations in PA jails, especially the many death accidents that happened inside them doubled its fears over the lives of these hunger strikers.

Some families of the hunger strikers told the PIC that the PA intelligence intends to hold military trials against their sons on charges of disturbing the PA’s security.

They stressed that the detention of their sons are illegal and the PA refuses to comply with the decisions issued by the higher court of justice that order their release.

In a separate incident, the PA security militias stormed and ransacked on Wednesday night the house of senior Hamas official Nazih Abu Aoun in Jaba town, south of Nablus city.

The PA preventive security also barred MP Naser Abdeljawad and his wife from visiting their son who was kidnapped one week ago, although they were told earlier by the same apparatus that they could visit him.

For its part, the family of Bahjat Yamin, a detainee at Juneid prison, said that the health condition of its son is very serious and there are signs of a strange illness started to appear on his body.

The family added that after human rights organizations intervened, the PA administration of Juneid jail agreed to let doctors take a sample of cells from his back for a lab test.

The same prison administration took a punitive measure against prisoner Ibrahim Attiya and transferred him to another section inside the jail at the pretext that an internet website published a news report talking about his exposure to torture by PA interrogators.

Father of hunger striker: My son is still on hunger strike.

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