Gaza Strip: Two Palestinians shot dead by Israeli fire

Published Today – 09:10 GMT

Israeli soldier
Israeli soldier

Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians near the Gaza Strip border, Palestinian medics said on Thursday. An Israeli military spokesman confirmed Israeli forces had opened fire on a group of Palestinians who attempted to cross Israel’s border fence on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s hardline Minister of Foreign Affairs said that his country would lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip immediately after arms smuggling attempts across the Gaza border with Egypt are curbed.
The Israeli minister said this during a meeting last night in the city of Jerusalem with Catherine Ashton, the EU official responsible for External Relations.

A statement by the Israeli Foreign Ministry quoted Lieberman as saying, “The source of the problem is that smuggling of arms does not stop through the Egyptian border,” he said, adding that if the EU wishes to see the siege lifted on Gaza, it must take responsibility and form a special force to prevent the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip: Two Palestinians shot dead by Israeli fire | Al Bawaba.

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