The Israelis arrest three Beit Rema municipality officials

[ 06/01/2011 – 02:05 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli army arrested Thursday morning four Palestinians from the northwest Ramallah town of Beit Rema, three of them members of the town municipality, said Palestinian rights expert Fouad al-Khafsh.

The fourth arrestee is Alaa Remawi, a known Palestinian writer. All of the arrestees had previously served time in Israeli occupation prisons.

Khafsh said he believed the Israelis are targeting local councils because of the multiple services they offer to the Palestinians. Previously released prisoners have also been prime targets in Israeli arrest campaigns. No charges have been placed against the detainees.

The Israelis arrested 13 more West Bank men Thursday morning. The arrestees were “wanted” by the Israeli army and taken in for questioning, Israeli Radio said.

Two nights prior, Israeli undercover police stormed the Wadi al-Halwa Information Center and arrested center director Jawad Siyam.

Police said Siyam was suspected of assault. The victim and time and place of incident were left unnamed, the center’s attorney reported.

Meanwhile, Adnan Ghaith, a member of the Bustan defense committee in Jerusalem, said he received three phone calls from Maskobia police summoning him for questioning.

The Israeli West Bank military chief earlier issued orders to have Ghaith exiled from Jerusalem for four months for allegedly inciting “violent acts” during the latest protests in Jerusalem’s majorly Arab Silwan district.

The Israelis arrest three Beit Rema municipality officials.

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