Abbas’s militia barred the raising of Hamas’s flag during Qawasmi funeral

[ 07/01/2011 – 07:46 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The militia of the de facto PA President Mahmoud Abbas arrested on Friday afternoon a number of participants in the funeral of Omar al-Qawsmi because they chanted slogans in support of Hamas and called on the Qassam Brigades to retaliate to the cold-blooded murder of Qawasmi.

The militia also barred the participants from raising the green flags of Hamas during the funeral despite the participation of hundreds of Hamas supporters in the funeral and instead forced young boys to raise Fatah’s flag to show that Fatah was participating in the funeral to try and lessen anger towards Fatah which stands accused of security coordination with the occupation.

PA militiamen were deployed in large numbers at crossroads and closed all roads leading to the south of the city as a demonstration was planned to start from the Wasaya al-Rasoul mosque to protest the murder of Qawasmi and the kidnapping of freed captives by the IOF.

Sources from the old city reported that clashes between Palestinian youth and IOF troops took place in the vicinity of the Ibarahimi Mosque. The IOF claimed that they arrested a Palestinian youth who allegedly tried to stab an occupation soldier, the identity of the youth has not been revealed.

Abbas’s militia barred the raising of Hamas’s flag during Qawasmi funeral.

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