Bil’in |Friday Jan 7, 2011 | Live Tweets & News by Joseph Dana & PSCC & Jessica Vaney

Demonstrators are wearing these today in bilin. They say ‘palestinian’ | By Joseph Dana

A protester dragging a piece of the Barrier back to the village in Bil’in

30-50 soldiers crossed. Massive amount of gas. Maybe more than last week | By Joseph Dana

Massive gas in bilin. Injuries as well | By Joseph Dana

Area is covered in gas now. Just like last week in bilin. They do not learn. Huge amount of press here | By Joseph Dana

Rubber bullets and gasing ambulances in bilin now | By Joseph Dana

Raining the shit water in bilin. Over press, eu diplomats and israeli mks | By Joseph Dana

Fox news doing a report and getting gased in bilin right now | By Joseph Dana

Raining the gas that jawaher now in bilin | By Joseph Dana

Press soaked in skunk’ too | By Joseph Dana

Tear gas now in bilin | By Joseph Dana

Massive amount of people. Israeli mk getting coated with shit water in bilin | By Joseph Dana

On the wall now in bilin. Mass demonstration | By Joseph Dana!/notIDFspokesman/status/23324979030396928

Marching in bilin to the wall – Live twitpic by Joseph Dana at the Demo in Bil’in | By Joseph Dana!/ibnezra/status/23327453397127168

Dancing and singing to the wall in bilin by Joseph Dana Live Twitpic

Posters for the demo in Bil’in by Joseph Dana Live at the demo!/ibnezra/status/23313695920627712

Tweeted live picture by Joseph Dana from Bil’in

More Pictures of the Demo in Bil’in | Jan 7, 2011

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