Abdelrazek: No agreement with Abbas authority over detainees

[ 08/01/2011 – 04:12 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Hamas MP Dr. Omar Abdelrazek has affirmed that the Israeli occupation was the sole party responsible for the murder of an elderly man in Al-Khalil and the abduction of five Palestinians hours after their release from Abbas’s jails on Friday.

He charged that statements by the spokesman of Abbas’s militias in the West Bank Adnan Al-Dhamiri were fueling tensions, denying presence of any agreement or pledge on the part of Hamas to protect those five detainees in return for their release.

“The PA (in Ramallah) is the party responsible for protecting the citizens and preserving the law,” he elaborated.

Abdelrazek said that the PA in Ramallah was partly responsible for the Israeli operation since it took place in area (A) that is under the full control of the PA and since those detainees were held in PA jails for political reasons.

The lawmaker called for the immediate cessation of political detention to provide a suitable atmosphere for internal reconciliation.

Abdelrazek: No agreement with Abbas authority over detainees.

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