Dweik: Jerusalem MPs will stay put until exile decision is changed

[ 10/01/2011 – 07:47 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Dr. Aziz Dweik said the exile-threatened Jerusalem MPs will remain steadfast despite Arab and worldwide silence.

The PLC head spoke by phone at a sit-in staged by the PLC in the Gaza Strip Sunday in solidarity with three PLC members from Jerusalem who were ruled to exile by Israel last year on charges of representing the occupation-resisting Hamas group in the last elections. They are Ahmed Attoun, Mohammed Tutah, Mohammed Abu Teir, and former Jerusalem minister Khalid Abu Arafa. They have been since then sitting in at Red Cross’s Jerusalem headquarters demanding their stay in their native city.

The policy of exiling the Palestinians’ representatives comes to eliminate the defenders of national rights and the legitimate Palestinian leaders, Dweik said.

The speaker urged the MPs to continue their steadfastness until the exile decision is revoked. The firmness of the Jerusalemites is the firmness of the Palestinians in their homeland, he said.

PLC deputy speaker Ahmed Bahar, for his part, called Israel’s move against the Jerusalem MPs a violation of international law and conventions.

Exile-threatened MP Ahmed Attoun confirmed by phone that the Jerusalemites will continue to oppose the Judaization of Jerusalem, and the MPs will remain steadfast until the ruling is reversed.

Dweik: Jerusalem MPs will stay put until exile decision is changed.

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