Hamas MPs slam PA for kidnapping lawmaker’s son

[ 10/01/2011 – 04:06 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The change and reform parliamentary bloc, affiliated with Hamas movement, has condemned the PA security apparatuses in Ramallah for kidnapping the son of Hamas MP Azzam Salhab in Al-Khalil earlier on Monday.

The bloc described the detention of Noman Salhab as a “national crime” that coincides with the Israeli targeting of MPs and their relatives.

The Fatah-controlled militias in the West Bank abducted 18 Hamas supporters, including Salhab, in various West Bank areas over the past 24 hours, local sources reported.

They noted that among the abductees was Saad Al-Kharaz, the son of the Hamas leader Sheikh Maher Al-Kharaz, recalling that Saad was recently released from Israeli occupation jails after three years of administrative detention, without trial or charge.

Most of those kidnapped were either liberated prisoners or students, the sources said, pointing out that the security militias have summoned dozens of Najah University students over the past couple of months.


Hamas MPs slam PA for kidnapping lawmaker’s son.

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