Israel razes structures in Wadi Jawz and Taur, east Jerusalem

[ 10/01/2011 – 03:58 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli police escorted Monday morning bulldozers into the Wadi Jawz and Taur suburbs of east Jerusalem to raze several structures there less than a day after the illegal demolition of the Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah.

The force tightly sealed off the area and tore down residential buildings and retaining walls. Israel’s Jerusalem municipality alleged that the structures were not licensed to be there.

Israel razed the Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah on Monday, which is less than a hundred meters outside of Wadi Jawz, to clear the way for building Jewish settlement units. Israeli authorities illegally seized the Arab-owned hotel and sold it to Jewish settlement moguls.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Department of Antiquities removed steel reinforcements from the home of Nawwaf Abdul Salam in the Hawsh Shihabi neighborhood in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Israelis placed the reinforcements in the seventies to protect the two-storey building from caving in from excavations in the Aqsa Mosque area that induced cracks in the structure. Officials claimed that the move was to repair damages.

Hawsh Shihabi is connected to the Aqsa Mosque from the western wall.

Israel razes structures in Wadi Jawz and Taur, east Jerusalem.

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