Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle Israeli participants expand to a wider spectrum



mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report Monday January 10, 2011 10:11author by Ilan S. – AAtW; ainfos; Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv

The Palestinian non violence popular struggle expand even within Israeli 1948 borders: Al Arakiv, Bil’in, Beit Omar, Hebron (Al Khalil), Jerusalem, Lod, Maasara, Nabi Saleh, Ni’lin, Sheikh Jarah, Silwan, Isawia, South of Hebron mountains and more… Anarchists Against the Wall, Ta’ayush, Warriors for peace, Solidarity Sheikh Jarah, Coalition of women for peace, and more…. When the international legitimacy of Israel is diminishing; When the formal and non formal of Israeli racism responds with increased brutality – more Israeli Jews are radicalized. The Bil’in joint struggle is both the flag-bearer and the example for all to see.

Beit Ommar


This Friday demonstration was both against the robbery of lands by the separation fence and occupation as well as in commemoration of Jawaher Abu Rahmah murdered the previous Friday demonstration by the Israeli state forces. About 250 Israelis, internationals, and hundreds of Palestinians of the occupied west bank (including women’s organizations) found their way around the roadblocks on the roads leading to bil’in. we joined lot of the women and men of the Bil’in village.

We marched from the center of the village led by feminist and women’s organizations.with chants, banners, pictures and placard with a sound system at the head.

When we arrived at the gate of the route of the separation fence people entered it and hung flags on the electronic fence, shook it and few even started to cut it. The state forces under strict instruction not to start the flooding us with tear gas before things start to escalate, responded instead with water cannon which sprayed water flavored with skunk stench. As the range of the spray was too short and could not disperse the whole crowd, and as the shabab started to throw stones, tear gas grenades were thrown and shot at us.

This week the wind was more friendly. It often carried the tear gas cloud away or even towards the soldiers. In addition to the changing wind youth managed to throw tear gas canisters back on soldiers and we were delighted to see them running away time and again. But, gradually the demonstrators dispersed an outsiders traveled home. When the occupation forces crossed the fence to our side – attempting the hasten the dispersing. Palestinian youth threw stones at the soldiers in an effort to stop them, but were forced to retreat. The state forces were blocked about hundred meters from the fence by the shabbab and could not advance towards the village. The yous continued confrontations with Israeli soldiers for the next several hours.

Teams of three ambulances worked hard to tend for the people suffered most from the tear gas.

Israel Putermam video at:
Haitham Al Khatib

Hebron (Al Khalil)

We are invited to the Meeting on Thursday, 13.01.2011 1t 16:00 in Tel Rumieida, to talk about the future of our activities in Hebron and to organize the the actions of this year(2011) on the Solidarity day with Shuhada Street .

Please call A., if you want to join.


Tomorrow night, 06-01-11 21:30, we will meet at the Katze (shushan str) with gas masks, onions, drums and fliers. we will stroll around Jerusalem and tell it to wake up and smell the tear gas. would love to CU (bring your own props)


There will be a women protest tomorrow at 18:00 near the tent – helen keller st. corner of hamasger st. men are also very invited. after that there will be a show of DAM.


In southern West Bank at the village of al Ma’ssara, soldiers stopped protesters from leaving the village and reached the lands the army is planning to take for the construction of the wall. Soldiers used tear gas to force people back to the village; many were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Nabi Saleh

In the village of Nabi Saleh, three civilians were injured one arrested and a home was set of fire by Israeli soldiers. Today’s protest started after the midday prayers. Soldiers attacked the villagers shortly after and fired tear gas also at their homes, during the protest troops arrested one local youth.
Israel Puterman


Ni’lin Village-Struggle Against The Annexation Wall 07.01.2011 (In Memory Of Arafat And muhammed khawaja)
watch?v=A7b2FwQIGyo David Reeb video of Ni’ilin and Nabi Salih at

Sheikh Jarah and Silwan

id=1110863588&aid=94858 – In the Border Line for Silwan & Sheikh Jarrah

Stop the settlement in the Shepard hotel —- Stop the Judaisation of Sheikh Jarrah

This morning (Sunday) the Shepard hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was demolished as a part of the construction of a new settlement of 31 housing units in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood.

We will meet today (9/1) at 16:00 outside the Shepard hotel and shout Stop the Judaisation of East Jerusalem.

The Shepard hotel is located on Mount of Olives road, in the north of Sheikh Jarrah to the direction of Mount Scopus.

For more information call: S.

The channel 2 of TV showed in the evening news, the destruction and the demonstration.
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle Israeli participants expand to a wider spectrum – Anarkismo.

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