Administration of Ashkelon punishes detainees for their hunger strike

[ 11/01/2011 – 02:31 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The international Tadamun (solidarity) foundation for human rights said that the Israeli administration of Ashkelon prison took punitive measures against Palestinian detainees after they went on hunger strike for two days.

Official of the foundation Ahmed Al-Beitawi stated that the prisoners in Ashkelon jail a few days ago went on hunger strike only for two days in protest at the humiliating strip search they have to undergo before they get on the jail bus and the repeated violent raids on their cells.

Beitawi added that the prison administration retaliated to this peaceful hunger strike and punished the detainees by depriving them of seeing their families for two weeks and buying cooked vegetables and meat from the prison canteen.

He also pointed to the spread of flu infection among prisoners in this jail because of the lack of ventilation inside cells and the deliberate medical neglect by the administration that believes that the influenza is not a serious disease requiring immediate treatment.

In another incident, the Palestinian prisoners in Negev desert prison appealed in leaked letters to necessarily and urgently intervene with the Israeli prison authority to protect them from the severe cold winter and the consequent diseases, and help them to have blankets and heavy clothes.

This appeal came in several letters sent recently by the prisoners to the specialist in prisoners’ affairs Abdonnaser Farwana.

Farwana said on Monday that the letters sent to him conveyed severe pains and great suffering the prisoners in Negev jail are experiencing nowadays in the winter.

He added that the suffering of these detainees aggravated because of the cold atmosphere in the Negev prison in the winter, and the lack of hot water, heavy clothes and blankets.

“We were on some winter nights unable to sleep save for a very short period of time because of the extreme cold,” one of the letters read.

For its part, the Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs held Israel and its prison authority fully responsible for the life of detainee Akram Mansour after his health condition deteriorated badly in Ashkelon jail.

Spokesman for the ministry Riyadh Al-Ashqar stated that Mansour is considered the third oldest Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails, where he spent 32 years in prison. He was taken prisoner in August 1979.

Ashqar added that Mansour has undergone serious medical setbacks during the years of his detention and was not provided with appropriate treatment, affirming that he suffers now from a tumor in his head.

He appealed to human rights organizations to adopt the issue of prisoner Mansour and work on sending a medical delegation to visit him in jail.

Administration of Ashkelon punishes detainees for their hunger strike.

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