Azhar imam to German activists: You must support the Palestinians

[ 11/01/2011 – 04:46 PM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– The Grand Imam of Azhar University Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb called on a German delegation to Egypt on Monday to show support for the Palestinians.

“You must support the oppressed all over the world, especially the Palestinians and the Christian Palestinians, who you have neglected because you cannot criticize or address Israel. We hope that this solidarity will be with the Muslims and Christians of Iraq as well,” Tayeb said, meeting with a delegation from the Christian Democratic Union of the German Parliament.

“Arab and Egyptian Christians are part of the Islamic civilization. We do not neglect them at all. We have been fighting terrorism before you. We hope that you will fight it like us in all of its forms, such as radical Zionism and radical Christianity.”

Sheikh Ahmed met Monday night with a German parliamentarian delegation amid a CDU initiative to adopt a resolution to protect religious freedoms all over the world and to show solidarity with the Copts and other Christian minorities in Egypt after a lethal church bombing in Alexandria.

Azhar imam to German activists: You must support the Palestinians.

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