Hamas condemns detention of MP, asks Abbas to halt security coordination

[ 11/01/2011 – 11:03 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas movement strongly denounced the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) for detaining MP Dr. Omar Abdelrazeq from his hometown in Salfit at dawn Tuesday.

The movement in a statement said that the repeated detentions of Palestinian lawmakers target paralyzing their role in defense of the Palestinian people and their national rights.

Hamas called on Abbas authority in Ramallah to suspend all forms of security coordination with the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

It asked the Arab League, Union of Arab Parliaments, human rights groups, and free people of the world to condemn such oppressive arrests and to pressure for the release of all “kidnapped deputies” and all prisoners in occupation jails.

For their part, the Hamas MPs in the West Bank denounced in a similar statement the IOF for re-detaining Abdelrazeq, who once served as finance minister in the PA government.

They said that such a “foolish policy” would never change the lawmakers’ insistence on national constants and would not weaken their determination.

The legislators appealed to the Arab and international parliaments to end their silence toward the IOA targeting of duly elected representatives of the Palestinian people, adding that the IOA was daily violating international laws and norms without any one questioning its acts.

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Hamas condemns detention of MP, asks Abbas to halt security coordination.

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