Int’l campaign: Israeli arrest of MP Abdelrazeq an act of piracy

[ 11/01/2011 – 10:31 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza-based international campaign to free detained MPs in Israeli occupation jails warned Tuesday of a rise in “piracy” against Palestinian legal figures as the Israelis arrested for the second time Palestinian MP Omar Abdelrazeq earlier the same morning.

Israel arrested Change and Reform bloc representative Omar Abdelrazeq from his Salfit home on Tuesday, locals reported.

Abdelrazeq has earned a doctorate in economics and served as Minister of Finance in the tenth Palestinian government. He was taken previously in an arrest campaign targeting Change and Reform bloc representatives and released after 32 months in captivity.

The campaign said Israel is determined to silence Palestinian politicians through consecutive arrests and persecution.

Representatives Hatem Qufaisha, Mahmoud al-Ramahi, Nayef al-Rajoub, Mohammed al-Tal, and Khalil al-Rib’i have all been re-detained recently.

Most of them were arrested on flimsy accusations and then held for six months under administrative detention while the prosecutor searched for real charges. When he had not found any, their prison terms were extended administratively.

The campaign called for legal action to be taken against Israel over its violations of international values and norms.

Int’l campaign: Israeli arrest of MP Abdelrazeq an act of piracy.

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