Sources: 70 Settlers Homes to Replace East Jerusalem Shepherd Hotel

PNN – Palestine News Network – 13.01.11 – 09:43

Jerusalem – PNN – Israeli media sources announced on Thursday that settlers are planning to build 50 homes on the location of the Shepherd Hotel in East Jerusalem.


Construction work at the Shepherds Hotel – Photo by al-Maqdese for Social Development

On Sunday Israeli bulldozers began leveling the Shepherd Hotel in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Bulldozers cleared space for 20 settlers’ homes, with sources clarifying that the 50 more would be added to the 20 already under construction.

Officals from the EU, US and Arab countries slammed the new constriction at the Shepherd Hotel and called the move unhelpful for the peace process. The peace talks are at stand still because of Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian land.

Right-wing Jerusalem municipality council member Elisha Peleg told the Israeli newspaper Haartez that the new plans will succeed.

“As we were forced to preserve the building, we will turn it into the neighborhood synagogue and dedicate it to the memory of the Holocaust victims,” said Peleg. “There isn’t a chance in the world it won’t pass, because it follows the existing plans for the area.”

The Shepherd Hotel was owned by the Husseini family. After the family fled during the 1948 creation of Israel, what Palestinians call the Nakba, the state of Israel took ownership of the property under the Absentee Property law–the means by which Israel took ownership of all property formerly belonging Palestinian owners forced out of their homes during the creation of Israel and the 1967 war.  In 1985 American real estate mogul and settlement proponent Irving Moskovitz bought the Shepherd Hotel from the Israeli Development Authority.

On Tuesday the Israeli court refused an appeal by the Husseini family to stop the work at the site. Adnan Husseini, who claims rightful ownership of the property through family lineage, called the demolition an “act of barbarism.”

PNN – Palestine News Network – Sources: 70 Settlers Homes to Replace East Jerusalem Shepherd Hotel.

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