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On December 27, 2008, Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead”, with a surprise air strike on the Gaza strip, formally beginning the Gaza War. Israel began the operation in response to Hamas’ “Operation Oil Stain” rocket fire, and an armed conflict with Hamas would commence for three weeks taking place in Gaza, and Southern Israel.

The war ultimately ended with both sides calling for cease fires after 1,300 Palestinian, and 13 Israeli lives were lost.

The high number of Palestinian deaths caused critics to accuse Israel of committing a massacre, while Israelis claimed that Hamas used civilians as human shields, making it difficult for them to avoid killing them.

On December 27, 2010, an online campaign was launched to commemorate the two year anniversary of the conflict by Gaza sympathizers and supporters. The aim of the campaign was to remind people of those who lost their lives, and to show support for their cause.  According to the campaigners, the basic principle was:

– On Twitter, post/repost all the tweets concerning Gaza with the #Gaza2 hashtag. It can be links, news, facts, personal statements.

– On Facebook, same principle. Post and repost the links you can find on Gaza. The aim, again, is to raise awareness.


SocialEyez decided to gauge the buzz around this topic and measure the success of the campaign. The following is a report detailing the results of an extensive search on the social media coverage regarding the Gaza 2 Campaign.

The volume distribution of the results over the time period within the date range

According to our results, a total of 14,590 comments/posts were found within the date range of December 27, 2010, and January 8, 2010. The majority of results (73%) were found on December 27th, which was the first day of the campaign. Results then declined day by day, and the lowest number of results was found on the January 8, which was the last day of our search.

The high volume of results indicates a definite success on behalf of those who started the campaign. People from all over the world participated, and dedicated their statuses and tweets to the Gaza 2 initiative.

Below you can see a map overlay of the location in which results were found. Many results were captured from the Middle East region, but results were also captured from Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world. When we broke down the results into countries of Origin, the United States was on top, but this was due to the fact that Twitter is based in the United States, and unless an account states the origin of the user, then it would be attributed to the U.S.

The map overlay gives an idea of the wide array of places where comments and discussions were found

When it came to breaking down the results into social media platforms, Twitter dominated, with over 97% of the results being found on the micro blog. Social networks followed, and few results were captured on other mediums of social media, most likely since the campaign was aimed at Twitter users in specific.

The distribution of the total volume into the various social media types

Since the campaign was so successful on Twitter, we were able to find that the campaign had branched out into a group of supporters, found on:

There were a total of 99 members in the “twibe”, and the description stated that they were a “Twitter list of people using #Gaza2”.

Many of those who chose to participate on Twitter, tweeted the names of people who were killed in the war, as a way of remembering them.

Using our software, we were able to track the users who shared the highest number of comments and tweets. These were the key influencers of the campaign, and the driving force which kept the campaign alive. Many of these users simply re-tweeted a large number tweets that were written by others. This helped to continue spreading the word. Below is a list of the top 10 users, the number of tweets they each shared which carried the Gaza 2 hash tag, and a sample tweet for each user:

Although the campaign has died down drastically, some users are still keeping it alive, and posting tweets and comments. Below is a link for a real time feed of mentions of #Gaza2 on Twitter:!/search/%23Gaza2

Raghad Tayeh & Yannick Dischinger
Social Media Analysts @ SocialEyez

The Buzz – #Gaza2 | SocialEyez’s Blog.

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