Israeli police continue to harass Silwan inhabitants

[ 15/01/2011 – 03:20 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli police arrested Friday a 27-year-old Palestinian man from occupied Jerusalem’s Silwan district for allegedly throwing stones at a Jewish settler in October, 2010. The man has denied all charges.

The detainee, Fadi Siyam, was later released and ordered to return to the police station for questioning next Sunday. Police have withheld Fadi’s identification card.

Fadi said he regularly uses the road where the alleged incident occurred. He said passing through the area does not mean he threw stones.

Siyam’s father was rebuked and ejected from the police station when he asked police about the charges.

In separate incidents, the Israeli court, at the request of the Israeli public prosecution, sentenced the twin brothers Mansur and Muadh Shuyookhi, 18, and Musaab Shuyookhi, 20, to exile until January 18 and 1,000 shekels in fines. The court also ruled that Hani Ghawth be exiled from Silwan and fined.

Police accused Muadh, Mansur, and Hani of involvement in Silwan clashes.

The Israeli court sentenced Hamza al-Zubair to a month of house arrest for involvement in clashes and throwing stones. He was arrested earlier while on his way to work.

Israeli police continue to harass Silwan inhabitants.

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